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brief history
Brief History of Erie, Kansas
Erie: Founded In 1866

Members of the town company organized in November 1866; D. W. Bray, Luther Puckett, Peter Walter and J. F. Himmelwright, each contributing forty acres.


To theses were added A. H. Roe, J. A. Wells, J. C. Carpenter, L.R. Nugent, A. F. Neely, C. B. Kennedy, Stephen Beck, H. H. Roe, Joel Barnhart, J. L. Denison, C. L. Coulter and T. T. Gilbert as members of the county.
Several additions have been made to the original town site, among them - Dodds, Duttons, George's, Neosho and North of Erie.
December 25, 1869, the town became a corporation by decree of the Probate court, with J. A. Wells, G. W.Dale, John MCullough, Isacc Fletcher and Douglas Putnam as trustees.
It was a town but for a short time for the census then taken showed that there were 809 actual residents, a number sufficient to entitle it to bear the higher sounding of a city and the right to have a mayor and council.
It was on the 30th day of December, 1869 declared a city of the third class and J. A. Wells elected Mayor.


First house in Erie upon the town site was a log house, by Eliza E. Spivy, a widow.
It was also used for other purposes such as a school in the winter of 1867-68 by John Broadbendt for first term of school taught in Erie.
There was also religious services and other meetings held there.


First Business House built in 1867 by C. B. Kennedy, A. F. Neely and J. C. Carpenter.


First Hotel was built in 1867 by A. J. Wells and it was ready for business December 31, 1867.


Virgil Stillwell is accorded the distinction of building the first frame residence as well as the frist livery stable.


First Blacksmith shop was opened by John Graham. First Law office by Carpenter & Porter early in 1868.


Flouring and Saw Mill built on the town site by J. W. Stewart & Sons in early part of 1868. Afterward a dam was built across the river about a half mile from the town furnishing cheaper power and the mills moved to that point.


Spring of 1901 J. S. Haley put in a telephone exchange.

First child born in Erie was born on July 4, 1868 son of J. A. and Matilda Wells.


The Methodist Church - Was organized in the spring of 1868, with fifteen members, by Rev. T. Palmer, who was the first regular preacher.


The Christian Church - Was organized by C. F. Stauber at his house, in the spring of 1869. Occasional religious services had been conducted previously by George Booth, a farmer, and Dr. Jones, at first in the log house of the widow Spivey. At the time the regular organization was effected,
it was upon the request of the widow Spivey and eight other women, who personally urged the matter upon Mr. Stauber, and prevailed upon him not only to organize the society, but also to preach for them.


The Baptist Church - Was organized in 1869, with seven members, by Elder A. C. Bateman, who was chosen pastor. Previous to organization,a few sermons had been preached by Elder Bateman, at the house of E. F. Williams, who was made deacon at the time of organization. Elder Bateman has been succeeded by Elders Hitchcock, John Post, J. A. Trenchard, Reed and I. N. Niman. After organization the services were held at the Erie Schoolhouse, until the erection, in 1871, of the present frame church building, which cost $1,500.

The Neosho county Record - Was established in Erie, by George W. McMillin, April 21, 1876. The material used had formerly been a part of the office of the Thayer Headlight, the name Headlight being continued at Erie until May 5, 1876 when the name Record was substituted. At the time the paper was removed to Erie, it was a five column folio, but it was changed to a seven column folio, November 24, 1876, which size it still retains. Mr. McMillin sold it to its present proprietor, February 8, 1879. The paper is Republican in politics, and is devoted mainly to local news.

resource consulted:
William G. Cutler's
History of the State of Kansas
was first published in 1883 by A. T. Andreas, Chicago, IL.

If you would like a complete copy of the History of Erie we have two books for purchase: Beantown and Images of Beantown.
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